Fumigation Covers

We manufacture & supply Fumigation Covers for Food Grains Covering, Industrial Purpose, Agriculture Purpose, etc. The products are manufacturer from quality raw materials and offered to our clients on market leading prices.

Fumigation Covers For Food Grains Covering


LDPE fumigation covers are used to store food grains for a longer period of time. These Ldpe fumigation storage covers are more economical at all levels compared to cement/bricks constructed covers go downs. This covers are used to store million tons of food grain with chemically treated to protect against insects, rodents, pests etc in open field.


Fumigation Covers For Industrial Purpose

fumigation-covers-for-industrial-purpose-250x250Fumigation is the process of adding a fumigant to a fumigation enclosure with the specific objective of killing pests. This fumigation covers are also helpful in industrial purpose to fumigate by using gas proof polythene sheets to treat:

Polythene fumigation covers are used in :

  • Loaded freight containers.
  • Cargoes which contain timber and machinery that can be enclosed under gas proof fumigation sheets.


Fumigation Covers For Agriculture Purpose

fumigation-covers-for-agriculture-purpose-250x250Agricultural products are affected from the change in environment. To protect the food grains and cereals superior quality of polythene sheets are used in a cover form shape and for the same fumigation is done to kill the pest. Our fumigation cover is used to provide safety to the wide gamut of agricultural products from rain, water, dust, heat and insecticides. However we take customization fumigation covers order as per their specifications of clients.