LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets

LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets are water resistance and environmental stress and crack resistance so it is widely used for wrapping of machinery, cement and chemical components. Ldpe tarpaulins are majorly used in packaging and storage during rainy season as every product requires much more care from damage in this season. Ldpe Tarpaulins are also used in shelter during any natural calamity occurs. Ldpe Tarpaulins are used to cover cotton heaps before ginning, Protecting young trees after transplanting form climatic hazards.


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets for Land Filling

ldpe-tarpaulins-sheets-for-land-filling-250x250Our clients appreciate our range of LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets For Land Filling to such an extent that they keep coming back to us with repeat orders. To be assured of the faultless of each product, we subject the entire range to stringent tests, which are conducted at different stages of the production process.


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets for Fish Breeding / Fish Farming

ldpe-tarpaulins-sheets-for-fish-breeding-fish-farming-250x250Fish breeding is a challenge now a days. Fish are cold blooded animal and they are very sensitive to the change in temperature of their environment. If the fish tank is too cold the fish becomes stressed and are suspected to infections and if the temperature gets warmer the dissolved oxygen level drops rapidly and fish can literally suffocate. Therefore it is essential to avoid drastic fluctuation so ldpe plastic sheets are used for fish breeding to maintain the temperature. While some species reproduce freely in community tanks, most require special conditions, known as spawning triggers before they will breed. Thus Polythene lining helps to create a environment which help to reproduce and health living of fish.

Fish Farming is done commercially to raise fish for food and for their protein content. Fish is also been breed for recreational activities. Now a days the level of consumption of food items have increased than ever before. Thus, Commercial breeding is becoming more and more popular.


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets for Chemical and Tank Lining

chemical-and-tank-lining-250x250Chemical lining is a way to prevent the water, air and land contamination as large pit is made and covered with Ldpe sheet and hazardous chemicals are treated and the effect is diluted.

Steel and Concrete tanks must be protected internally and externally to make sure that nothing gets out and nothing gets in and helps to protects corrosion and leakage.

Oil Tank lining is done to prevent leakage of oil which can create massive damage to the environment as oil is highly inflammable.


Ldpe Tarpaulins Sheets for Waste


  • Sewage Treatment – treatment and disposal of human waste.
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment – the treatment of wet wastes from manufacturing industry and commerce including mining, quarrying and heavy industries.
  • Agricultural Wastewater Treatment – treatment and disposal of liquid animal waste, pesticide residues etc. from agriculture.
  • LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets For Waste / Water Treatment Plant.


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheet for Jal Kund

ldpe-tarpaulins-sheets-for-jal-kund-250x250Jal kund is an underground tank that stores rain water with the help of polyethylene sheet. It is also known as polyethylene lined tank. A tank of size 4x1x1 m or 2x2x1 m is excavated. After lining the pit with rice-husk, a polyethylene sheet is laid on it to develop a proper shaped water storage tank. The evaporation losses can be minimized by covering the tank with panels made from locally available bamboo and rice-husk or dry grass.

At the hilltop, crop is grown only during rainy season. Due to the unavailability of water during november to april, most of the hill areas remain barren. Tomato is one of the important vegetable crops during the summer season. The crop was planted during dry season at the upper ridges of the research farm at our institution, where stored water from the jalkund was used for irrigation medicinal plants (alpina galanga, local name kulan- jan) are grown all along the periphery of the jalkund. Jalkund is also used as live stock rearing of ducks, pigs, poultry and fish production. LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets For Jal Kund.


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets For Rain Water Harvesting

ldpe-polythene-sheets-for-rain-water-harvesting-250x250Rainwater can be harvested in a dugout-cum-embankment pond at the mid or lower reaches of the hill slope for multiple uses including drinking water supply, livestock and other domestic uses, recycling in winter season for crop production and fish production. The soil in some places are extremely low water holding capacity and seepage losses are very high. Therefore, lining of pond with LDPE polythene film is very much essential for retention of harvested water in the pond at a relatively low cost for the entire dry season.