LDPE Plastic Bags

We are Manufacturer of  wide variety of LDPE bags / Sheets, Plain LDPE Plastic Bag, LDPE Plain Polythene Bags, LDPE Plastic Bags, Packaging Rolls & Bags in Halol near Vadodara  that are available in  lay flat and gazette types. We offer these products as per the specification & customised requirement mentioned by clients. Designed using virgin polyethylene granules, these LDPE bags are widely used for the packaging of chemicals, explosive chemicals, frozen foods, poultry, powder, textiles and many other products. These LDPE bags are available from 05 to 95 inch in width with thickness from 25 microns to 300 microns in order to suit the requirements of our clients

We use special additives that do not affect the film clarity or quality and is therefore most economical to use for Packaging of food & In Pharma Industry

Shalimar’s Food grade bags are most effective in storing the food products as it stores with atmost care and save them from spoilage. During transportation also it prevents / protects the products from the effects of changing climatic conditions. It also maintains the freshness and quality of packaging food products that help them to keep control on moisture, odor that may spoil the items.

These bags are considered as the easy and simple solution for almost all kind of products over packing. They are moisture proof, waterproof and dust free packaging bags which are used according to the specific requirements.

Shalimar’s Pharma grade bags are the most demanding material used for the packaging products in the pharmaceutical industry.

To sustain the efficiency, quality and performance of the products, Pharma grade bags are the best solution to eliminate the risk of leakage, moisture effects as well as to the safe delivery of the products.

They are moisture free, odorless and not toxic bags. These bags are suitable to protect bulk pharmaceutical tablets, drugs and medical powders from the moisture and humidity.

These Bags also work effectively in extending the shelf life of the packaging pharma products. These bags are produced without any additives or chemical materials so there is no chance to have adverse effects to the tablets, capsules and drugs packed in bags.

They are available in different sizes based on the packaging of the particular product. It is considered as one of the economical way of protecting the drugs and other medicines by maintaining the film clarity and quality.